Yoda-inspired baby footprint art
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Star Wars Yoda-inspired Baby Footprint Keepsake for Father’s Day

Daddy loves Star Wars.  We love Daddy – and baby footprint art.  Well, at least I love baby footprint art – I’m not sure of what the baby thinks.  Either way, baby footprint art makes for a fun craft and this Yoda-inspired baby footprint keepsake makes a great Father’s Day present.


  • green paint
  • paint brush / sponge (method of application)
  • paper (preferably card stock)
  • baby wipes / paper towels
  • pencil crayons – required colours: green, brown, black
  • pencil crayons – optional colours: multiple shades of green, white


  1. PREPARE WORK STATION – Get your wipes, paint, paint brush, and paper ready.  It is desirable to do this with two people if possible (one to hold baby steady and distract, while the other individual paints and prepares footprint.
  2. PAINTING – Using a paint brush or sponge, apply green paint to baby’s bare foot
  3. PRINTING – Apply baby’s foot evenly to paper
  4. CLEANING – clean baby’s foot immediately after print is complete.  Now you may either continue, or complete the rest of the craft at a more convenient time
  5. DRAWING – What you want your Yoda to look like is completely a personal choice.  I chose a less realistic, and more cartoon-y looking Yoda.  The key to making this look like Yoda is the ears.  Other features include the wrinkled forehead, the brown robe, and light saber.

SOMETHING TO TRY:  Next time, I hope to create Yoda’s features (such as ears and light saber) out of construction paper and gluing them on instead.  Yoda-inspired baby footprint art

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