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Grocery Items I Always Buy At Costco

For the past few years, I have come to do a lot of shopping at Costco.  I know that not everything is a good deal at Costco, even if you are buying in “bulk” and in a warehouse setting.  In fact, many things are way more expensive for the seasoned grocery shopper who is well aware of their prices.

Here is a top 5 list of things that I buy at Costco ALL THE TIME!

  1. BANANAS – As of the writing of this post, the going price for bananas is about $0.56 / lb.  Costco sells their bananas in 3 lb packages for about $1.69 or $1.59.  That comes out to $0.57 / lb or $0.53 / lb.  As you can see, that’s pretty competitive pricing.  If you are able to go through this many bananas frequently (which is not hard to do if you are into smoothies or baking with bananas), then Costco’s bananas are a good deal.

2. MILK – Costco is generally cheaper for milk.  Let’s take their whole fat milk as an example.  Grocery store prices are at about $5.23 for a bag of 4L.  Costco sells the same bag for $4.95.  If you’re at Costco doing some shopping, you might as well pick up some milk.

3. EGGS – Eggs are another item that are a bit cheaper, or about par with grocery stores.  However, the disadvantage is that you need to either buy 2 cartons of a dozen eggs (24 eggs in total) or you need to buy a tray of 30 eggs.  Usually, the best before dates are a few weeks away giving you some time to use up your stash of eggs.

4. CHEESE – I’m talking about the big block cheese.  The thing about buying the cheese is that I try to wait for them to go on sale (which happens every few weeks).  The sale is not usually advertised in their weekly flyer, but they do happen.  Let’s take their Saputo Mozzarella, for example.  This brands block cheese comes in a 1 kg package, and often goes on sale for under $10.

5. ROTISSERIE CHICKEN – $7.99 for a ready-made chicken.  This one is not quite a  grocery item, so it does get taxed with HST.  The total cost is just over $9, which is not a bad price for a dinner option to feed the family.

The list is more extensive than this, but these are the few that are regularly on my list that I don’t have to think too hard about.

I would love to buy meats there, as I know many people do.  Our lack of a deep freezer is our limiting factor.  What would we do with all that meat?!  We could not possibly eat all of it unless we had a huge party.  Costco is a great option when you are buying meat for a party.  The quality is great.  For our small family sans deep freezer, we are better off going to the local grocery store or butcher where we can buy more manageable sizes and quantities of meat.

And fruits and vegetables?  On the whole, I find them expensive.  The quality is great!  But the prices not as much.  You really have to know your prices on this one, as sometimes the fruits or vegetables can be good buys.  Take for example, a 6 lb bag of red delicious apples which go for $5.99.  Apples regularly go on sale for $0.99 / lb, so Costco is on par with the pricing in this case.

What are your favourite buys?

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