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Costco East Canada – Deals in July 2017

** I’ll be updating this post for the month of July, 2017 with deals found at Costco Canada East.  Note that prices may vary from your local Costco, and that the prices found at your store take precedence over what prices are listed here. **

*****   WEEK OF JULY 24th 2017   *****

Okay, listen up – this is an important deal.  School is around the corner, and I know many parents are preparing their children for their first year of school.  JK (Junior Kindergarten) – eek!

So why am I telling you this in the Costco post?  Well, the Roots backpacks are on sale this week at Costco for $5 off the regular price.  That makes them $17.99!

Now personally, I find this pack a little large for my 4 year old.  However, I know some schools specifically have requested this backpack (mostly because they know it is large enough to fit most things).  I plan to make a post about what you need for JK, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

A well priced backpack that is very popular with back to school shoppers.  You can find these at your nearest Costco Canada
Roots Backpack for Kids, a popular item at Costco Canada

Oh, and the other great find that just came out this week would be the waterproof kids Head mittens.  Only $14.99 for a quality waterproof mitt.  Consider buying more than one pair, because things like mittens are prone to getting lost.

Costco has these waterproof Head Mittens for Kids.  Consider getting a second pair in case your child loses them.  They might be available in July, but when winter hits, they will be gone from stores!
Kids Head Mittens at Costco – in July, of course

*****   WEEK OF JULY 10th 2017   *****

I’m seeing a bunch of outdoor related items such as lawn care items, as well as outdoor children’s toys.

One thing that I know I would have loved to have as a child was an outdoor play set.  Costco’s play set was on sale this week for just under $900!

Item:  Cedar Summit Playcentre Twin Mountain Lodge

costco outdoor playground playset
Outdoor Playground Set at Costco, on sale


Also on sale are these pizza bake pans.  They are such a great price.  If your family cooks pizza often, these pizza pans would be a great addition to your shopping list.

Item: Crispy Bake Pizza Pan 2 piece

Costco pizza bake pans 2 pack on sale
2 Pack Pizza Bake Pans at Costco


Stay tuned for more updates for the month of July!

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