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Baby Proofing: No-drill Banister to Banister Stairs Gate

So your baby is on the move!  Does your baby love climbing the stairs like mine does?  Get that baby gate in, and quick!  Babies move quickly, and if your baby does not move much yet, it will happen before you know it.  The last thing you want (well, amongst a long list of other things) is for your baby to tumble down the stairs.  Now, which baby gate to get…

The “best” baby gate, will be the one that fits your needs!  Obvious answer, right?  But it’s not necessarily an easy solution.  The most annoying stair scenario I have seen is the spiral staircase which does not end evenly at the bottom.  I’ll be sure to regale you with pictures of such an unfortunate baby-proofing scenario when I encounter it again.  I don’t think a solution was found for that case.

Fortunately, for us, we had a much easier problem set-up to solve.  Our criteria was that the gate had to attach to the top of our stairs.  At the top of our steps, there are two banisters on either side of the steps.  We DID NOT WANT TO DRILL into the banisters.

One solution is to tie wrap pieces of wood (e.g. 2×4’s) and drill into the wood pieces instead.  Thereby leaving your banisters intact!

We had a better solution – one that was manufactured for our stairs and requirements.  


Babies R Us - Banister & Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit, Top of Stairs
Babies R Us – Banister & Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit, Top of Stairs

The “Babies R Us – Banister & Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit” (http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=13014364) met our needs.

As per its product description, this “gate accommodates banister-to-banister installation, single banister installation at the top or bottom of stairs, as well as installation in doorways and other openings.”

The gate can fit an opening up to 48” (121.92 cm) in length.  And unlike my 2×4 zip tie suggestion above, the straps used to tie the Babies R Us gate are reusable, making re-installation a bit easier.  No drills involved!

baby gate strapped to banister
Babies R Us – Banister & Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit, strapped to banister

It’s a “Babies R Us” gate, and so it’s available for purchase at Toys R Us.  The regular retail price is $119.99.  I believe we got it for 40% off (making the cost about $72 + tax = ~$82)  It’s actually on sale as I write this for $95.97.  When you need the gate, you will be willing to pay regular price, anyhow.  40% off deals happen now and then, so keep your eyes peeled.  There is a good chance that the gate will be on sale during the Baby Days sale in November.


Yes – but baby gates seem to get snatched up pretty quickly on the used buy and sell groups and websites.  Also, keep in mind that you might be looking for a very particular gate, making the search for a used gate even more difficult.  You will probably end up buying the gate from the retailer, unless you get super lucky and find the one you are looking for.

scratches on baby gate
Babies R Us – Banister & Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit, scratches

The Babies R Us – Banister & Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit baby gate has worked really well for us so far.  It’s easy to use.  I can open it easily with one hand while holding baby.  My only “complaint” about it is that it is slightly scratched or chaffed from the constant sliding back

and forth of the gate.  It does not seem to affect its use, and is just an aesthetic flaw (it looks scratched).
We would definitely buy this product again if we needed to.  It’s a mommy recommended product!

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