About Us

Eat Shop Mom Blog LogoHi there!  Welcome to my blog, eatshopmom.com!

This is a blog written by the mom of two wonderfully sweet children (a little girl, and baby boy) living in the Greater Toronto Area.  Toronto is the place we call home.  We hate the traffic, but we love that our family and friends are relatively close by.  We are always looking for fun things to do that aren’t too far from our home base.

On this blog, you might find recipes, reviews,  deals, and just plain old information that will peak your interest.

When I became a mom, I learned that there was a lot to learn, and that  the learning never stops, even as an “experienced” mother.  Let’s share in what we have learned, and continue to do what we do best – love our children.  It really does take a village to raise a child – and hopefully you can find a bit of that village here on this blog.

Why eatshopmom.com?  Well, these are the things that I find myself constantly doing.

Eat – I focus on keeping my family fed.  It’s a necessity, and I try to find ways to do it better, faster, healthier, and more easily.  I love trying out recipes and finding grocery deals.

Shop – because I’m the one who usually does the shopping for the household.  I’m constantly on the lookout for great buys, and have learned a thing or two about the things that I purchase for my family.

Mom – I’m using mom as a verb here.  The rest of the things that I do (crafting, loving, and just being me) are things that I’ll categorize as “mom-ing”.  It’s a broad term to encompass the broad role that I play in my family.